Allegra is a choreographer, singer, dancer, actor, and performing arts teacher originally from Saint Charles, Mo, currently based out of Springfield, Mo. and hopefully Chicago, IL in the future. She finished two bachelors degrees at Missouri State University in 2021: BFA Musical Theatre & BS Dance. Allegra is very interested in movement science, and recently presented her senior dance research project on Bone Rhythms & the Polestar Pilates Technique. She recently finished a full certification in Pilates from the Mixed Method. 

Allegra loves learning new things. Currently, those are pilates, ukulele, and dance film. She relieves stress by baking and making music. Allegra, whose name means exuberantly cheerful, tries to live up to the essence. Her friends call her Leggy. She has a love for the color yellow, tattoos, and reading.

Her previous credits include: Choreographer for Spectra Theatre Co.’s production of Spring Awakening, MSU’s productions: Fall Dance Concert 2021 (Choreographer), bare: the musical (Choreographer), The Secret Garden (Swing), and Cats (Coricopat, U/S Jellylorum, Jennyanydots), featured dancer in Missouri State Dance Films: (Un)Natural [Habitat], Out of Body, and Material Possessions. She recently directed, filmed, choreographed, and edited  dance film a jaunty frollic that was selected for the Big D Mobile Phone Fest. 



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